UN Secretary-General denounces Regulation Bill
Associated Press and Reuters
Published: 07.02.17, 20:03
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1. how about
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (02.07.17)
each nation pushing Israel to cede its land for their enemy Arab pals to have a nation state within Israel take their own advice and grant the same land of THEIRS to the pals? Nothing like leading the way....
Europe is a lost cause and the UN and EU are even in question whether or not they will survive.
2. 10 million Arabs expelled in Syria. Israel do them the same.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.07.17)
3. the ajc and tobias eldwood should mind their own businesss
MOFTI   (02.07.17)
the ajc should mind its own business. as for elwood, london has no lessons to teach israel. the west bank at its most is disputed, and ancient israeli. the arabs occcupied it. what to do about it now? We'll see. giving it up has led to extreme terror. hamas which is more honest in its intentions never talks abouit a state, only about wiping out iisrael. so what are we talking about? STOP RUNNING AROUND LIKE RABBITS.
4. No secret, israel likes status-quo, not interested in peace.
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (02.07.17)
israel is interested in a war today. The right regime pretty sure that in a war, Israeli army(which is not the same army it was in 1960-1970) will be able to occupy part of future new SYRIA. Wrong thinking.
Israeli army today has maximum of 30% capability of Israeli army in 1973.
It has lost ALL military incidents in 1990s thru 2000s, including Gaza "war'.
And it will loose again.
5. Dr. Mahmud Abbas ONLY DEMANDS
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (02.07.17)
he will never ever give or agree with Israel.

Because of this arch antisemite and arch terrorist Abbas, the losers are the Falastinians.

Abbas never missed an opportunity for not making peace or at least a workable agreement with the Jewish State Israel.
6. Is Gordon BENNET (Term of exasperation) living in
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.07.17)
1. A Bubble
2. Cloud Cukou Land
3. Cloud 99

7. UN: law crossed a very thick red line.......
tiki ,   belgium   (02.07.17)
It's the only proper answer to the many, many, many, many thick red UN lines!

About the world's ''concern" for Israel's standing one can be short......
the only way to make the world's 'concern for Israel's standing disappear is with it's demise.

Please spare us your concern, speeches & crocodile tears.
We know where you're coming from because of our centuries of experience with the world's 'concerned friends'.

8. 60 to 52
James   (02.07.17)
Proves that not all jews are immoral thieves. On a slim majority wants legalize government sponsored theift and racism.
9. WOW, this is amazing
WOW, this is amazing. The UN and the International Courts approved the same thing in Cyprus. Turkey invaded Cyprus. Occupies half the island. Transferred its own people to that territory which belonged to others that where expelled. The owners of that land where compensated with the approval of the UN and the International Courts. What is the difference. OH YES, When it comes to the horrible dirty Jews there must be a different standard.
10. area C annexation and regulation bill
rory   (02.07.17)
ii believe in area C belonging to israel for various reasons and security as well. the regulation bill passing was a good thing cause all excessive offers to abbas were refused. and as bibi points out accurately, he never recognizes israel as the land of the jews-ever.

people are entitled to their views. lvini lapid and herzog want to preserve a jewish state so they are desperate to withdraw to non defensible borders, they don't really care if terror increases. they want a jewish state at all costs even though there are 1.8 milion arabs in israel. mandllebilt doesn't believe in regulation bill. fine. that is his right. fire him. there are others who believe in it so hire an AG who beleives in it,.

I want you all to imagine if abbas has accepted olmert's offer-the olmert who lapid and livni may homage to. israel would be faced with a hezbollah on the west bank and idf would not be able to enter easily. so you get the point.

just annex, don't announce it beforehand can choose either autonomy or move to jordan. in any case war is coming, a big war so we'll see what happens.

as for
11. "two state solution"
C   (02.07.17)
israel cannot adopt a final solution to the jewish question in this regard.

the arabs have rejected all compromise with the jewish state.
the arabs even refuse to recognize three thousand years of
jewish historic ties to the land of israel.
the arabs forced the so called international community
to refuse recognition of the historical jewish temples
that stood on the temple mount.
the unesco resolution, supported by major powers,
wipes out the history of the jews for the past
three thousand years.
12. claim: "West Bank is not sovereign Israeli territory"
C   (02.07.17)
in that case, the high court of Israel has no jurisdiction over matters
in the territory referred to as the west bank.
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