Haredi IKEA catalogue is a no-ma'am's land
Iris Lifshitz-Kliger & Gahl Becker
Published: 15.02.17, 22:57
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1. As funny as Hari Krishnas wearing everything orange?!
2. Men doing housework
Esther ,   Bet Shemesh   (02.16.17)
It's quite nice to see men feeding the children and doing the laundry.
3. Enemies
Alie Razal ,   Tucson   (02.16.17)
In Israel the Ikea serves kosher food! So considerate!
Jews seem to be their own worst enemies. Those that don't want to practice strict religion are intolerant of those that do. Shame on them!
Perhaps Ikea will have different catalogs for these half naked people walking around the streets.
Every business tries to reach different customers. They are not trying to
to slight anyone. The complainers are only trying to complain about other Jews!!! THEY are the ones doing the wrong thing.
4. IKEA Catalog
Beth ,   Jerusalem   (02.19.17)
I don't understand the fuss. So what if there's a catalog without women. I'm a woman/female and I don't always appreciate the fact that some women in catalogs are half dressed. In fact there are times I'm embarrassed that the women think they are making an impression by dressing with less rather than more.
I'm not so square as to say that I'm chareidi and don't know what's happening in the world. I'm a bit more worldly than most, I have my own computer, and an smartphone and I even read books.
In addition, the chareidi consumer spend money just as much as the non-chareidi consumer and appreciate it if a company goes out of their way to include them in their advertising and promotion, and will probably spend their money accordingly.
So...for those who are up in arms about the catalog...get a life and find something else to complain about unless that's all you have to deal with in your life.
PS - my children are a mixed bag of nuts from chareidi to kippa seruga and they all deal with household "chores." They can cook, clean house, do laundry etc. (by the way how many men in the non-chareidi world can do the same? Stereo typical don't you think.
5. Baffled
Aviva ,   Jerusalem   (02.28.17)
While there is no shortage of nasty, hateful, mocking, comments here I still do not understand what is wrong with a company catering to the sensitivities of their clientele, without judging those sensitivities. Ikea was told, and correctly so, that chareidim do not approve of the public printing of pictures of women, and so created a catalog without those pictures. If anyone is capable of explaining why that is bad without being nasty or sarcastic or making fun of me, I would be appreciative.
6. Misandry?
Aviva   (02.28.17)
And all the snarky comments about how nice it is to see men in the kitchen and doing housework sound quite misandristic to me especially coming from people who are so concerned that chareidim are anti-women. Putting men down is OK, only the perceived putdown of women is not? Seems hypocritical to me.
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