Iran says Israel 'biggest threat' to world peace
Published: 16.02.17, 18:01
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1. Iran nuclear deal: secret side deals must be exposed
C   (02.16.17)
obama made a number of secret side deals with iran.
these secret side deals must be opened and exposed to
the us congress and the public.
2. Shia terror regime is playing with fire
C   (02.16.17)
this vile genocidal regime is the premier terror regime in the world.
its goal is to become the hegemony in the entire middle east and
a nuclear power.
the shia terror regime has threatened constantly to destroy israel.
its ballistic missiles are built with the intention of precisely
the goal of destroying the jewish state as well as attacking
gulf states and american interests in the gulf.
this totalitarian regime is irrational and will continue with its
monomaniacal goals regardless of consequences to its
own people and ultimately its own survival.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (02.17.17)
They pick a fight and then complain why the other side is just stronger. Can they ever admit to being wrong or loosing? I guess not.
4. "not in Iran's defence doctrine" ah?
david ,   hadera   (02.17.17)
but what about their attack doctrine? uses a nuclear weapon for "defence". only attack
5. Of Course Iran is right, but for one teeny tiny detail...
Ishai ,   Nir Eluyahu   (03.17.17)
Iran is right That Israel is the biggest threat to world peace... to IRAN'S world peace. Iran's world peace is a world without Israel in it. My advice to Israel? Keep on being the biggest threat to Iran's world peace
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