'Hezbollah might have game-changing naval missiles'
Ronen Bergman
Published: 19.02.17, 11:23
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1. Give me a break
Rami ,   Helsinki   (02.19.17)
Only thing Bibi needs to do is wait. Those imbeciles from the slums of Lebanon don't know how to operate missiles anymore then they know about military tactics.
2. Break Hezb now
Claude ,   UK and Cape Towb   (02.19.17)
But their Iranian friends and even maybe covert Russian help is a risk.
If however they did launch even one it these missiles, even if it missed a target, then Israel would have right in fact a duty to respond and do so very very harshly, in fact it would then be legitimate to act in a way that effectively makes it impossible for Hezb to remain in S Lebanon. No doubt the usual suspects will be on the streets protesting against IL across Europe, but these groups do not represent the majority who fear and reject the islamification of Europe. IL should make it clear now that it will respond and act to remove or destroy these weapons
3. NO defence against?????
Riceman ,   Canada   (02.19.17)
BARAK 8 anti-missile system.
4. Letting Hamas and Hezboalah free hand
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (02.19.17)
Unfinished business due to lack of vision of Defense Minister , retreating before finishing the business propelling more danger on account of political correctness which will cost more blood spillage.
And what is more idiocy they climbed to position of Prime Minister( Iehud Barack small example)
5. New Missile
Jim ,   American   (02.19.17)
Russian is playing with fire, or whoever allows the Arabs to have this Missile. If they do use it, it will be instant WWlll. Fully one third of the people all over the World will be destroyed, something the One World Government under the Dictator wants to do. Life as we all know it will be over for generations.
The Arabs have no regard for life and will use it. Survivors will be in the Stone age for hundreds of generations, no water, no food, Your Cemetery will quickly fill up if you can find someone to bury the millions of dead humans. See Mars, you see Earth afterwards. Think twice Russia!
6. Shia terror regime & its proxy Hezbollah must be destroyed
C   (02.19.17)
obama, the manchurian candidate, allowed genocidal iran to become a
major power with hugely advanced capabilities.
it is time now to put an end to this vile regime and its equally vile
terror proxy which sits on israel's borders.
the merchant of death sitting in moscva cannot be trusted.
he is power hungry to the extreme and one day soon, he will
make an irreversible mistake.
7. and they also have ......
steve s   (02.20.17)
Hezbollah and Lebanon also are breeding "the plague" by allowing their garbage to build-up in the city streets. It won't be long before they begin a self imposed population reduction. Well done Lebanon.
8. Its coming
Tony ,   J bay   (02.20.17)
why do you think all the Sunnis and Israel are meeting. Its coming!
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