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The Jews and the Chinese: A connection between ‘the world’s most ancient people’
Yaniv Pohoryles
Published: 20.02.17, 22:59
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1. "no real Jewish community in China" ?
Rebecca Wong Levi ,   China   (02.21.17)
"no real Jewish community in China" ?

What do you call my community? a ghost community?

I live in China and there is a Jewish community in China.
This article needed more research; Are you familiar with the Jews of Kaifeng?
2. The Chinese I met were always the tops.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.21.17)
In the academia, in professional work, in arts and in social settings, the Chinese in the US shine brightly. I don't doubt there are minor exceptions, but I didn't run into any among the many Chinese immigrants from the Mainland and from Taiwan I met, always superb performers. Israelis at the Bar Ilan University are benefiting tremendously from the presence of Chinese exchange students in their midst, I have absolutely no doubt.
3. Israels 1o lost tribes !.
Arn.Sweden.   (02.23.17)
Israelis in the Diaspora(China).

39 “As to the fact that you saw him collecting to himself another peaceful multitude, 40 these are the ten tribes that were taken captive from their land in the days of King Hoshea, whom King Shalmaneser of the Assyrians took across the river as a captive. They were taken into another land

From -
4. Nothing about the Kaifeng tribes?
Dave ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.24.17)
5. the jews of china
rivka reiss ,   israel   (02.27.17)
my father escaped poland, arrived in kobe, japan and lived in shanghai for six years during world war two. he was saved with a visa given to him by the japanese consul in europe, Chiune Sugihara. we have many photos of his stay there.
6. Neither Jews nor Chinese are the world's most ancient people
Mark B. ,   Amsterdam   (03.01.17)
The Koreans are.
7. Jews & China
Tova ,   Toronto   (03.20.17)
I herd about these stories. Jews have been living in Israel since the time of the
Assiryan/Persian/Greek/Roman empires as slaves. It has only been in the past 500 years that Jewish history in China has come to light.

China's only interest in Israel is business - China has no concern or cares about Israel. Both China/Russia are seeking control over Israel. As Israel continues to be condemned by the United Nations and western anti-Semitism continues to grow. China/Russia is taking advantage of reaping from Israel.
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