Dublin college regrets cancellation of event involving Israeli ambassador
Published: 22.02.17, 10:12
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1. And?.....
Will Smit (Aerosmit) ,   Israel   (02.22.17)
What do these Irish middle class children know about Gaza and its need to be freed and especially, from who it needs to be freed from? How about these Irish "American Piers" stick to getting wasted on Guinness and if they are still truly interested in knowing the facts, how about taking in a few more Middle East history lectures, before shouting out like sheep about things that they have not one iota of a clue about? Just idiotic and hateful BDS bandwagoners who seriously need an education, as they're certainly not getting it at Trinity College! With their own bloody and segregated mess of a history (right until this very day!), they're certainly not the ones to look down their sanctimonious noses at Israel! But I suppose that has never stopped anyone, has it? Get a life! Even though I utterly despise antisemitism and racism, if you still have to be antisemitic, then how about fixating your awful antisemitic OCD vitriol on other semites, who actually have no religious freedoms in their countries, who are committing human rights crimes (for example, hanging homosexuals in the streets, not allowing women equal rights), who are genuinely committing crimes against their own people and against humanity in their bloody and ongoing religious/civil wars and attempted genocides of people from their own region. Don't worry, they are not too far away from Israel and so it won't be too hard to adjust your one-sided gaze/focus from Israel.
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