IDF chief: Hezbollah suffering from crisis of morale
Yoav Zitun
Published: 22.02.17, 18:35
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1. Many dogs are all bark and no bite!
Alan ,   SA   (02.22.17)
2. No doubt
Rami ,   Helsinki   (02.22.17)
Keep bombing them while the rats are stuffed to one hole. I would also advise to contact Jordan and tell King Abdul that even if he is buddies with Bashra that does not mean that the fuhrer living under the basement of Iranian embassy in Beirut does not hate his guts. Jordan and Israel tag team against mullah proxies.
3. Crisis of morale? More a crisis of morals
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.22.17)
With Nasrallah and Hezbollah strutting around Lebanon as if they owned it and more and more hijacking Irans foreign policy and PR agenda they will remain the ball and chain and liability to Iran that’s increasingly out of control

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