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Mike Pence joins cleanup of vandalized Jewish cemetery
Itamar Eichner
Published: 23.02.17, 08:55
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1. Good! Pence's actions speak louder than Trump's limp words.
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (02.23.17)
2. Anti-semitism will peak on Sept. 23-24, 2017 when the conste
constellation of the dragon attacking Virgo (virgin, spiritual Israel, mother of haShem's Son and the remnant of her seed) that will never again occur in the heavens.
3. Chesed shel emet!
Jewess ,   Israel   (02.23.17)
Yes, it might have been a public relations act, but not only did VPOTUS Pence say the woods he rolled up his sleeves, said the Tehilim (Psalms) and did the work. This is chesed shel emet (kindness of truth) ... this goes farther than President Trumps tardy and empty words.
4. Media denies Anti Semitism worse on Left of Politics
CoverUps ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.23.17)
Some reality check facts for the "Liberal " Media;
Sadly American Jews have managed the offend just about everybody
that supports them on the conservative side of the political scene
The Anglo Saxon White Protestant and Catholics by being the leaders
of Abortion Atheist movements and the viral hate of the new President
they excel in all these areas and interestingly enough no matter HOW
Liberal" they try to be the highest rates of Anti Semitism is found
not on the Right but on the Left from African and Hispanic Americans
who lead overall in the hate to the extreme Leftist Campus leaderships
and student bodies so American Jews are truly living in a very
very dangerous "bubble" forgot the" plague" of Self Hating Jews as well
What is needed is a very responsible Orthodox Traditional prominent
voice in the general media which is sadly missing
5. US Reform Jewish leadership declares war on 63 million votrs
&WeWonderWhy? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.23.17)
The leadership of the Reform Movement in US which claims to be
the largest although on paper only as just 4% are active and
membership dropping dropping dropping declares it objects to
an Orthodox Jew Friedman from being ambassador , not only
are 63 million American Christian voters distancing themselves from their
Jewish fellow citizens but Traditional American Jews are now
as well, Will the last Reform congregant please put out the lights
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