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Violent attack on two Jews outside Paris
Published: 24.02.17, 10:41
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1. Why is no one calling for the president of France
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (02.24.17)
to condem anti-semitism?
Cause he's Democrat friendly??
2. start carrying baseball bats or better items for ur defense
Rafi ,   US   (02.24.17)
make sure they pay a heavy price
3. One of their fingers was sawed off
Michael ,   Paris   (02.24.17)
The news doesn't even report the full story. One of the brothers had his finger sawed off. Nice to be a Jew in france
4. and so
k   (02.24.17)
if you "make aliyah" you are are safe and protected by all those wonderful Sabras . Oh yeah! Better of leaving the kippah at home.
5. France: open season on Jews
C   (02.24.17)
the muslim population of france is out of control.
they feel free to attack jews openly, in public.

this is the most dangerous time for jews in france since wwii.
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