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Yad Vashem urges Amazon to remove books denying the Holocaust
Liran Levi
Published: 26.02.17, 10:38
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1. What about "Haaretz" with Gideon Levy and Amira Hass
ab   (02.26.17)
2. Amazon ought to be ashamed of itself
C   (02.26.17)
the peddling of jew hatred, holocaust denial, is a disgrace and a form
of hatred for the jews, and especially for the six million jew, of whom one
and a half million were children. it is an overt denial of the holocaust,
such denial being the rehabilitation of the nazis and the denigration,
humiliation of the jews.
it is eminently obvious that amazon does not make much money on
this peddling of hate and historical revision. thus amazon sells these
books base on conviction.
3. Wrong Approach
Christy ,   Boston, US   (03.01.17)
Taking these books off Amazon won't solve much. Speech should be countered with speech.

Amazon allows comments about each book. Someone should go to each of these books and, in the comments section, explain how these books are telling lies. Give facts and places where someone can go for more info.

This (making comments) should be done every few months.

This will *not* convince 'true-believers'. 'True-Believers' can't be convinced by much because their minds are closed. However, points made in the comments could impact someone who just happens upon these books by chance.

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