Gantz spurns expected critical Protective Edge report
Moran Azulay
Published: 26.02.17, 09:55
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1. Israel had the best military commanders
i don't get it   (02.26.17)
Where are they gone? The army hasn't been transformed into a mickey mouse house
2. gantz unfit for chief of staff
eric   (02.26.17)
gantz's jobs was not to read intentions of hamas but to deal with threats ie tunnels. anyone with half wit would figure tunnels have to be taken. gantz stalled, did not want to do ground operation, and raced to a ceasefire before the tunnels were dealt with and that is a fact. bibi yaalon and gantz raced to a ceasefire.

now the idf needed some time to figure an efficient and m ore safe way disable tunnels rather than shed huge blood in taking them. ie tunnels should have been sealed and hamas buried alive in them by remote means if possible using robots and israeli special munitions once the tunnel entrances were found.

gen galant is totally correct in labelling yaalon and gantz as failied leaders. yaalon is a good trigger man and that is it. he shoujld not be leading.

gantz saying tunnels are a threat israel could live with shows he is a reluctant fighter.

that bibi was with these 2 passive officers explains why he constantly seeks obama and now trump's commitment for them to do israel's work for it. bibi is incapable on his own of undertaking anything major. this is antoher reason he constantly offers concessions. you know what he is - a scared idfer without guts. begin had more in his finger than bibi who is twice begin's size.

new elecitons are needed, bennett, feiglin, saar, margolin, barat, yaalon and lapid can all compete.israelis should boot out bibi, herzog, livni, peretz and gal on. Israel needs a leaders who is not trigger happy, but bold and strong within.

with peres, olmert aned livni and now bibi, uit has been electing weakling.

as for yaalon and gantz, 50 days is far too long to accomplish goals. you guys failied the test big time.
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