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Jew attacked outside Paris recounts harrowing experience
Tamar Shabak
Published: 26.02.17, 17:37
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1. It looks fake tale
Agenehu ,   Israel   (02.26.17)
2. Paristan
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.26.17)
3. Defend themselve
Well if he couldn't defend himself then he is not of the Tribe of Yehudah.

Judah, [as for] you, your brothers will acknowledge you. Your hand will be at the nape of your enemies, [and] your father's sons will prostrate themselves to you. Genesis 49:8

I forgot.The Jews think they are the whole Israel, and represent all tribes of Israel.
4. Dead Muslims can't shoot
5. Governments, media guilty
Avi L.   (02.28.17)
All french gov have fanned antisemitism flames aided by the media showing round the clock "Israeli violence" and never codemning islamists.

During the last Gaza operation, when a french Jew said "we have to defend ourselves" after gangs attacked schools and sinagogues, tv was quick to codemn "militia creation".
6. Terrible
Christy ,   Boston, US   (03.01.17)
Terrible thing to happen. Word needs to be passed around about what's happening in European cities like Paris these days. The tide of refugees/migrants has had an impact on many of Europe's cities. Please do a search to find out what's going on before you go.

Be aware and stay safe.
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