Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Protective Edge report: Harsh criticism, but no threat to government
Nahum Barnea
Published: 27.02.17, 23:49
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1. cut all the verbiage
jeff   (02.28.17)
any half wit would have understood, tunnels rockets and naval commandos were the main obstacles. tunnels would not have been easy to attack;some time was necessary to develop a plan. yaalon and gantz were not interested in them. bibi is a nerd, a commando in name only. he seems to have no idea on waht he would like to do whether its tunnels or iran, or settlements. i really don't know why he aspired to bepm. he acts like lapid, an ignormaus. bibi has no leadership skills especially in the military sphere,

barnea-be honest-it was lapid and livni who endorsed yaalon and gantz apporach which is why it took so long.

and a word to bennett. to gallop into the tunnels direclty would have been suicide. some time was needed to figure ways of burying hamas asleep in the tunnels.

bibi can undertake no decisions of consequence. it is time for new elections-out with the old. let feiglon, bennett, lieberman, yaalon, margolin compete. its time to boot out herzog lapid livni gal on aand bibi.
2. mostly a good report
C   (03.01.17)
yet, it is so easy to blame the prime minister.

the prime minister has had to keep an eye on iran, on hezbollah, syria,
obama, putin, the eu.

contrary to what the comptroller writes, the cabinet should not be
informed on all intelligence, strategic matters. many of them leak,
and many of them have no competence.
nor should the comptroller attempt to give advice to the prime
minister on how to make decisions on war: when to start it or
how to conduct it. the comptroller is a bureaucrat, not an elected
public official.

the major impression one gets from reading the report, if it is
indeed fully accurate, is that the available intelligence about
the exact locations of all of the tunnels was not available at
the time; the intentions of hamas in the short term were
not known either.
what is known is that hamas will continue to dig terror tunnels
and its goal will continue to be to destroy israel.
the destruction of hamas and its affiliates has to be the final
strategic goal for israel. how to achive this goal is a different
matter. undoubtedly, the idf must be fully prepared and
intelligence must be accurate. yet, this is not enough.
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