Protestors dig in during Ofra's evacuation
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 28.02.17, 16:26
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1. Seems the only time Israeli govt. shows resolve & initiative
is when harassing its own people. When the attention turns to Gazan murderers our "Dear Leaders" exhibit totally yellow, political cowardice! Shame & I spit on our leadership, but mainly at the Quisling Supreme Court.
2. how is it possible
david ,   hadera   (02.28.17)
that the police allowed all these troublemakers get there in the first place?
3. Engineer
Hamdy youssef ,   Montreal   (03.01.17)
Since the 40'start and you are stealing by force (Armed Ruberry) Palestinian Land .
You commented uncounted Crimes. With your terrorism
And you still fight to Steel more.
The Victims (the Palestinians) will have their Lands and their Country back
Soon Inshaa Allah swt.
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