Comptroller: Hamas still has border-crossing tunnels
Yoav Zitun
Published: 28.02.17, 18:06
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1. bunch of leaderless morons
ray   (02.28.17)
bibi as head had to order southern command to deploy tunnel detection in all vulnerable spots or heads would roll. bibi is out of the loop and has little idea on what do do. he cannot escape the fact that he is no war leader.

lapid is even worse not aksing any serious questions on the security cabinet and is dumb beyond belief on security.

gantz and yaalon not only erred repeatedly but were wrong numerous time on hamas intentions and war fighting strategy. both are finished with respect to future prospects, in particular yaalon who talks a good game but did not back it up. he should have been the one to lead the charge to root out tunnels. gantz is a hapless diplomat, and extremely reluctant fighter who was no use to israel in the gaza war.

bibi is now explosed as an empty om in security. he will be defeated in the next eleciton.

the media shoujld be reporting that bennett was the true leader on security. they should be writing about this fact, and not denigrating bennett who saved israelis buy his advocacy. thank god he went into the field to find out for himself. lapid did no such thing and neither did livni whose contributions were to take up space with her endless affection for erekat and 2 states.
2. as long as they have men with hands, they will dig
C   (02.28.17)
shapira fails to understand that as long as there are men in gaza with
hands who are willing to dig tunnels, there will continue to be tunnels.
in other words, the problem is the continual existence of the
islamist terrorists of hamas. it is for this reason that the terror
tunnels are a strategic threat.
the decision to try to destroy hamas is one that can only be
taken by the prime minister and close advisors.
the controller has no role in making or recommending
military or national security decisions to the prime minister.
even the decision to destroy tunnels is one that would
depend not simply on tactics but on strategy.

3. imagine what .......
steve s   (03.02.17)
Can you imagine what the State Comptrollers reports must look like in Syria, Iraq, Algeria, or Yemen? Do bureaucrats write critiques in other nations? In Turkey that is sure to get you 10 years in prison, and blame for the coup attempt.
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