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Kinneret levels lowest in a century
Ilana Curiel
Published: 07.03.17, 09:15
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1. In Israel problems are "real" only when Syrian tanks roll
down Golan Heights!
2. nimby's must be neutralized by legislation
Mark B. ,   Amsterdam   (03.07.17)
"Everyone agrees that such a facility needs to be built, but no one wants it in their yard".

nimby's (not in my back yard) have been a pain in the you know where in my country too. The solution is legislation that reduces their ability to block needed projects approved by national parliament and government.
3. This is just the beginning.
Rich ,   Toronto   (03.07.17)
As Israelis continue to mindlessly burn greenhouse gases into the atmosphere temperatures will go up, and there will be less water, less food and less air to breathe. I doubt there will be anyone living in Israel by 2050.
4. Subscriber
J. Leon Kwalwasser ,   Santa Monica, CA.   (03.09.17)
Slant drill 2.5 kilometers from Israel's northern border and tap into the abundant and limitless supply of H2O and bring it south through gravity flow. No need to build a desalination plant. Eureka!
5. population is also a problem
zionist forever   (03.21.17)
A large part of this is of course drought but also part of it is the fact we have a growing population all needing water to drink and so the more people that we must provide water for means more pumping. If your pumping lots of water the Kineret doesn't get a chance to go back to satifactory levels again. We are also now also exporting Kineret water to Jordan so more pumping. Desalination is the only long term solution for Israel and the rest of the region.
6. water from air
lick skywalker   (04.26.17)
watergen, an israeli company can extract humidity from the atmosphere , purify
and deliver drinking water.Powered by solar power this is a viable option for the
people in the galil.
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