PM told investigators he couldn't smoke that many cigars
Eli Senyor
Published: 07.03.17, 22:54
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1. so where are the cigars?
israel ,   Israel   (03.07.17)
I mean really, where are they!
...Cohiba Cigars are the most expensive and finest cigars in the world.
If the PM can't smoke, well I will be happy to assist! :)
2. if you don't smoke cigars
joe   (03.08.17)
if bibi doesn't smoke cigars due to a nasal probem or recently quit, why accept so many over the years? You think we were born yesterday??!! get ready to be indicted.

as for lapid who is holding victory rallies in anticipation of his media endorsements, not so fast. t he gaza operation showed lapid to be out of the loop, an ignoramus like olmert on security who accepted the military comments of yaalon and gantz not to hit the tunnels initially, and then worse criticized bennett for questionning the generals. he and livni endorsed bibi's passive sit on one's ass poicies and racing to a ceasefire BEFORE THE TUNNELS WERE HIT.they wanted the egyptians to do israel's work for it. and peri, the yesh atid security man was a flop telling lapid go to ceasefire but what about the tunnels. peri was the guy who brought us oslo- a total flop.DON'T VOTE FOR LAPID UNLESS YOU WANT A REPEAT OF THE LEBANON WAR OF 2006. he knows nothing about security and is meretz in his policies. I DON'T WANT IT.
3. indictment almost certain
james   (03.08.17)
an indictment against bibi is almost certain. this whole business if true- returning liquor bottles en mass paid by the state , cigars that bibi can't smoke, having other people pay for some of h is cigars, champagne, dinners, jewelry, use of other people's houses for the son... if all or most of this is true, then an indictment will be enforced and then bibi is gone.

and israelis do not want a repeat of oslo and the blown up bodies, buses, knifings, tractors, they do not need lapid to tell us some distorted version of reality. just yesterday, idf arrested numerous arabs on weapons charges. you think this is goijng way if a deal is signed as lapid and herzog think. it will still be going on, ie terror even if arabs sign every peace document known to man,

local arabs might have cut a deal with israeli. it was a big mistake, and understandable one to bring in the arafat crowd. you did it once. don't do it a second time.
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