Israel to assist in US struggle against anti-Semitism
Itamar Eichner
Published: 08.03.17, 21:18
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1. Where is the proof? You know the evidence.
Raisin Bread ,   Emek Hefer   (03.09.17)
2. Jews from the US contributed $100 Billion to Israel.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.09.17)
Somewhere I read this estimate and it was criticized as being too low. To support Israel PRIVATE donations by American Jews exceeded 100 Billion Dollars. It is time to give a little bit back, hevraya, in support of American Jews.
3. Jewish institutions should have trained dogs on premisses
C   (03.08.17)
trained dogs can sniff out bombs and weapons
as well as undesirable people..
cyber security is different matter.


4. True, but unfortunately there are too many Anti Israel Jews
Alan ,   SA   (03.09.17)
and Self hating Jews in USA as well
5. how to protect institutions
C   (03.09.17)
1 have trained dogs on premises;
2 have trained guards with the dogs;
3 have sirens inside and outside;
4 all adults should have pepper spray;
5 the guards should be armed;
6 the outside of the buildings should be equipped with surveillance cameras;
7 all adults that can be, should be armed by firearms, baseball bats,
knives, pepper spray.
8 the community should be informed that the institution is armed and
9 the adults should be prepared psychologically and physically for any
attack at any moment, without scaring the children.
10 the protective details should inform the authorities that they are
armed and ready to rebuff all attacks from enemies.
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