Bennett mocks Lieberman following Levinstein’s speech
Moran Azulay
Published: 08.03.17, 23:11
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1. Dumb and dumber
Disillusioned   (03.09.17)
This country is being run by a bunch of irresponsible, childish crazies. The sooner there's a change of management, the better.
2. Man's mission now is often to stay at home with the children
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.09.17)
while woman is the family's breadwinner. Tell this to the rabbi and to the Minister. It's a brand new world out there, they should open their eyes and try to discover it.
3. Bennet
Manuel Bernstein ,   Netanya   (03.09.17)
Mr Bennet is you support somebody like Levinstein , with his racist belives, You should give up the ministry of education/
Please respect our women
4. The Rabbi is right
Heshy Friedman ,   Brooklyn new york   (03.09.17)
Taking girls into the army is insane. Who will build the future generations. Now I see why the chareidi communities world wide oppose the drafting of religious Jews in the army. When will the religious Zionist communities wake up. Why support a government with a twisted head who are irresponsible. They want to corrupt the jewish youth with western anti Jewish culture. Allowing women and gays into an army is dangerous spiritually and physically. The chareidi leadership is a lot wiser than the religious Zionist camp. Wake up. The government has no respect for the religious zionists. They destroyed their homes and cemetary in gush Katif and Amona. You can not trust them with your youth. It's no coincident that here in New York, Fifty thousand american chareidi Jews came out to protest the Israeli drafting of yeshiva boys.
5. Rabbi is totally wrong
Zvi ,   Toronto   (03.09.17)
Hi Heshy
Before any comment I suggest you to go to live in Israel as regular Jew (Not in a Yeshiva ) work pay income tax and struggle the daily life of the average Israeli step in the 21 century or stay in your Brooklyn ghetto and do not patronize the Israeli society
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