Naharayim massacre killer released from Jordanian prison
Roi Kais
Published: 12.03.17, 07:58
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1. Now he can join ISIS and kill to his heart's content.
2. Jordan Murderer
Irwin ,   NYC   (03.12.17)
Some one should due this animal a favor and put him out of his misery . cockaroach
3. Go take care of him
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (03.12.17)
May he spend the rest of his days looking over his
shoulder and long for the peace of jail
4. he will soon die of natural causes
C   (03.12.17)
prison does not improve the health.
Yacov   (03.12.17)
These people are upside down. I don't see how you are a soldier when you shoot civilians, especially children. Then, you celebrate what you've done. You are nothing but a COWARD! You shot people who could not shoot back. To you and yours, you will not have peace.
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