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A traffic sign in London warns: Beware of Jews
Published: 15.03.17, 15:47
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1. Beware of Muslims sign is much more useful in Londonistan
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.15.17)
2. Orthodox Jews
Putiel   (03.15.17)
Of course this is not acceptable.But some Orthodox Jews are crazy.But anyway,goverment funds for Jewish institutions must be stopped in Europe (United Kingdom,Germany,France etc.) and also in America and elsewhere,the same for Muslim institutions.Why must pay the Goy the salary for the Rabbi,and the Kafir the salary for the Imam?
3. sign
david r ,   london   (03.15.17)
Nothing sinister about the sign, in fact it was an artist who apologised but quite frankly all the shrill and hysteria makes anyone think, jews again everyone against them. No wondered there is an undercurrent of antisemitisim. Jews, bring a lot upon themselves. I'm not orthodox but tainted by the same brush of these attention seekers
4. Beware of Jews
Niss ,   London   (03.15.17)
Looks good like Charlie Chaplin without the stick
5. Yield, not Warning
TZ ,   Chicaog, IL   (03.15.17)
Its a "Yield" sign, not a "Warning" sign.

The Haredim in England better wake up. The Brits feel that they are so pushy that one must "yield" to the them.

Jews forcing their mores - religious or otherwise - has never ended up very good.
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