In the Supermarket of Nations, millennials aren't buying what Israel is selling
Joanna Landau
Published: 18.03.17, 18:28
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1. Start Up Nation or Indigenous Home Coming?
JustMe   (03.18.17)
There is a strong argument out there presented by some pro-Israel advocates that simply advertising Israel's tech abilities (or beaches or night life) is not what can attract the millennials, but rather the story of the Jewish people coming home and her resilience against all odds, since it is a universal story of self-help. This story arguably has a lot more potential to connect at a human level due to this generation's search for meaning, rather than another story of a tech widget.
2. opinions crafted in Moscow?!
ty223   (03.19.17)
Let us end the victimization by Moscow, and less people will perish.
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