Opinion  Alex Fishman
The winds of war are blowing on Israel’s borders
Alex Fishman
Published: 19.03.17, 13:22
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1. I look into my crystal ball and what do I see....? A bunch
of fools, spinning in the air & blowing hot air. Same folks that "predicted" so accurately every result of elections and other political events:-)) No, I'm not scared. War is a good, cleansing thing. Human development/progress depends on it. too many people anyway. so when the next one comes it'll be a Big One (and by all means not local one)
2. War is nurturing our progress as humans.Good for economy too
3. Good, sobering analysis. Israel's population needs to be...
Rafi ,   US   (03.20.17)
prepared for all eventualities.
4. This is ALL Obama's legacy.He let Russians and Iranians into
Alan ,   SA   (03.20.17)
Syria. Then put Iran on road to nuclear power. And gave Iran hundreds of billion $$s

Now he has gone to Hula hula Tahiti and Hawai and is writting his "memoirs " for $60 million .

Israel and Trump are left holding the baby with Russian bases in Egypt (Mersa Matruh) and Libya and Syria.

In USA daily they scream for more Obama's Legacy with Hillary. What a laugh
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