Opinion  Nahum Barnea
All Trump wants is an Israeli-Palestinian deal
Nahum Barnea
Published: 19.03.17, 19:22
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1. weak links-bibi, herzog and lapid
jay   (03.19.17)
since war can start in a flash, israel must have strong leaders to lead the idf to destroy much of enemy territories. bibi cannot because he is a man with a fearful heart, herzog is yellow to the bone, and lapid is a security ignoramus. sapira clearly stated that bennett is the man to lead in war.

so if elections are called, bennett should be the leader of a coaltiion cobbled together. it must not be led by herzog and lapid, since both have no idea on what to do.

moreover as rgards settlemtents and borders.bibi like herzog and lapid will do what trump wants which is 67 borders with adjustments. trump coould care less about israel.
2. World is on a brink of a disaster and all we've got is Trump
and Bibi.... Crazy, ain't it...?!
3. It is Israel's responsibility to let "Palestine" fall
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.19.17)
Donald Trump will not fight harder for Israel than the Israeli government. Nor will anyone else. No matter how good a friend of Israel. It is not their responsibility to stop "Palestinians" from destroying our sole tiny Jewish Homeland. It is ours. It is Israel's responsibility to let evil fictional "Palestine" fall and end the sick menace once and for all.
4. First worth reading article of Barnea I*ve seen
ab   (03.19.17)
Trusting a Jewish shyster is a stupidity
5. Trump sent a window dressing lawyer to do a deal!
Israela ,   Israel   (03.19.17)
This won't end well. After all who is the real power in Trump's world?
Hint: It isn't the Jews!
6. # 2 not as crazy as obama the Muslim
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (03.20.17)
who was responsible for more wars, a terrible economy and his notorious hatred of Israel.
7. Trump will have to make political concessions to Netanyahu
zionist forever   (03.21.17)
I am sure Trump will push for a deal as soon as possible he has an oversized ego and wants a legacy. Netanyahu though does have on his side Congress because the Republicans love him and they control both houses of Congress. He also has Sheldon Andelson who was Trumps biggest financial backer during his campaign so he will call in favours if he needs to.
If Netanyahu does come under pressure to do a deal he will want political victories from the US like formal recognition of Israeli sovergnty over the Golan and get it in writing and a commitment to move the embassy to Jerusalem.
Trump is also more liklley to make conoditions to Abbas like recognition of Israel as a Jewish state etc. Trump in the end might not be the messiah the right have been waiting for but he won't be Obama but we also need a tough PM in Israel not Lapid or Herzog.
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