Syria's UN envoy: Retaliation against Israel 'changed rules of the game'
Roi Keis and Itamar Eichner
Published: 20.03.17, 10:03
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1. They DO understand that it's us that set the rules, right?!
2. Danon
Hasrah   (03.20.17)
Danon said: "Israel will keep defending its citizens and their safety and will act against any attempt to harm it."
The jewish state is crazy and the lifestyle of the jews is not normal,from both,the religious jews are crazy and the secular jews are crazy.Who actually made aliyah?I think that are not rich religious jews (of course also rich ones) and also secular jews who have no future aspects in their country of origin and immigrate to Israel and eventually serve in the IDF.

3. A word of advice to the Russians
Incredullous   (03.20.17)
DO NOT launch your aircarft against IAF jets taking care of business in Syria. We will F... you up!
4. nonsense
steve s   (03.20.17)
It amazes me how much nonsense could be included in one statement by Jaafari. His claim of knowing what was said between a Russian Foreign Minister and an Israeli Ambassador, and that Israel assists terrorists are idiotic. Has he gone Trump?
5. Did Iran come to help Russians to crush DAESH or did the
Alan ,   SA   (05.11.18)
Iranians come to Syria under that false pretense so as to get close up to Israel so that they could bring "death to Israe
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