Israel sets to annex disputed maritime border area
Amir Ben-David
Published: 20.03.17, 17:46
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1. Arabs annexed 2000 miles wide territory and greedy for more.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.20.17)
2. understanding the map
chris (munich)   (03.21.17)
I searched the web for information on how the Lebanese and the Israeli dividing lines were produced, but could find nothing. If anyone else has seen some convincing background on how the lines came to differ (presumably they are not both produced by some internationally-recognized method), that would be informative for me and others. Thanks.
3. San Remo treaty & Anglo-American treaty....
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (01.16.18)
....are legally binding international treaties recognized by international law, stipulating that the LEGAL borders of the JEWISH STATE would encompass Cis-Jordan (including Golan Heights, Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria and Gaza), Trans-Jordan, AND SOUTHERN LEBANON UP UNTIL THE BEND OF THE LITANI RIVER.

That means that the "Lebanese" side of the border, is actually JEWISH/ISRAELI under INTERNATIONAL LAW - the San Remo treaty and the Anglo-American treaty.

Yes, Israel has an unequivocal right to annex the entire maritime area, (area 1, 2 and 3) because international law clearly says that Southern Lebanon up until the bend of the Litani river is a legal constituent of the Jewish state.
4. All the Lebanon is part of the land that God gave to Israel,
All the Lebanon is part of the land that God gave to Israel, as it is written in the Tanakh, in Numbers 34:1-12 and Joshua 13:5. It is written in the Torah, in Numbers 33:50-53 and Deuteronomy 1:8 and 30:5, that God commanded Israel to possess all that land. Therefore, the state of Israel must annex all the Lebanon to its territory.
JOHN ISH ISHMAEL   (05.12.18)
The unimaginative Lebanese (or PA kapos) should have followed my decades old suggestions. Annex ISrael.
Hugs ISH
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