Israel plans mass evacuation if war erupts again
Associated Press
Published: 21.03.17, 19:02
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1. "Hamas says the group does not seek a confrontation now."
Ah, so they ARE expecting one in the future. Since Israel has no desire to move back into Gaza, we must presume Hamas is preparing for an offensive attack. At least they were truthful about their desire for war.

Too bad much of Gaza won't be habitable for a decade if they decide to act on their warped beliefs. But that is their decision. They have come out and told the world, "we don't care what happens to our people, death to Israel is more precious to us than our own lives."

As they have told us countless times,"We love death as you love life."

You'd think the average man and woman in Gaza would tell Hamas to piss off and not start anything, that their living children are more important than dead martyrs. But they don't! This Hamas death cult has taken over Gaza. There may truly be no way to remove the Hamas threat without destroying much of Gaza. Whatever happens is on their heads.
2. I understand the need to prepare for every eventuality, BUT:
we should spare no effort convincing the other side, that they shall have to prepare evacuation of their entire countries in case they dare to attack us again. For some reason I doubt our govt. is doing that.
3. When the war erupts again (and it will), we must win, period
The dream of two thousand years : TO RUN .
5. Wipe them out already - appeasement of evil - ISIS=Hamas
6. all out war
jose   (01.23.18)
the political hand has hamstrung the idf with bandaid orders, we want quiet etc for the last 12 years. olmert was not a war pm, knew zero about security along with livni who would make any concession to avoid war. this thinking is totally wrong, it may be understandable to avoid casualties, but it is not accceptable for a sovereign country. if war is necessary, it must fight to devastate the o ther side. that it has not done since sharon west bank effort. but olmert and livni were not alone. bibi is not a war leader either because of his personal experience, he is afraid of war. peres was no good at it also.

So rather than mass evacuation which sends a terrible message, israel should force a mass evacuation of the other side and wreak terrible destruction. only then will the other side have some understanding. the periphery should be armed to the teeth to slow down, pin down attackers until the main force wipes them out.
7. And why do you broadcast so openly
Tova   (03.26.18)
you make it very easy for terrorist to attack Israel.

No reason to report everything. Israeli know what to expect. To win a war you sometimes need to be less quiet and more on action.

Do you think WW2 would have been over in 5 years if the allies broadcasted everything they will do?

Do you think Moses or King David would have Israel if they had to broadcast everything.

Quiet is the way to go. Why open the door to let the thief in?
8. Settle Gaza
Abe   (05.14.18)
Going into Gaza and killing a couple of thousand arabs does nothing for Israel. In fact the arab leadership there loves when that happens. Gaza must be given adownside. They must lose territory which will be incorporated into Israel forever. Then they will stop.
9. Iran's top engineering schools have to be closed!!!
tom ,   nyc   (10.02.18)
Its oil production has to be shut down. The rest of the problem will be dealt with the people of Iran.
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