Foreign Min. cadet course to include first Muslim woman
Itamar Eichner
Published: 22.03.17, 23:06
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1. We may have a Muslim PM, so what: the Usual Idiots will hate
us anyhow. It's antisemitism, stupid! Nothing to do with what we do or say or think. Arabs will want us dead: that's a given. Why bother then? Why not, say I?
2. moslem israeis
jerzy   (03.23.17)
we know about different sects of israelis from the bedouin and druse in particular. now more christian arabs called aramaic israelis are volunterring for the idf. and for sure there are some moslem candidates.

howeverss, education for such officer must have them reference the koran as well as other books to see for themselves what israel, the land, is all about. otherwise they can be swayed by false pophets.and the idf and israel have to do careful screening.

israel is a tremendous country for minorites. Ask kurdish israelis and some yazidis.

moslem israelis like the cananites before them need to defend the state.

as an aside, the problems of the middle east would be reduced substantially if a kurdish state would arise and it should be supported. iraq and syria cannot govern such a people.

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