US Jews wrestle with arrest of Jew in bomb-threats case
Associated Press
Published: 25.03.17, 18:12
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1. Patsy..?
Dave ,   Montreal   (03.25.17)
Anybody else think that the charges might be false to deflect attention from what is happening in the USA? The financial records of this suspect and his family should be scrutinized.
2. who's wrestling? the arrest of a Jewish American for these
Rafi ,   US   (03.25.17)
... incidents is indeed bizarre - but many Amer Jews are relieved that it was not something worse...
3. Jewish Self Hate carried to the Obscene
JewishAmericanPrince ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.26.17)
Obviously a secular spoiled Israeli American Kid with similar parents has caused untold damage first to the most powerful man in the world
President Trump who American Liberal Jews accused of the
Anti Semitic acts the Jewish Community threatened by harm
to their children embarrassed now beyond comprehension and
the White Christian tens of millions who supported Israel completely
dumbfounded and could be drawn into all kinds of Anti Jewish
conspiracies already held by the Moslem and Liberal University
crowd what more damage could our enemies possibly do
" A Jew without Jewish Values is a Natural Disaster" Untold harm
has been done by Jews to other Jews throughout history including
slaughter of thousands. It has been posted on comments on Walla
that this family subscribe to Haaretz and once tried to change the
name of their street in honor of Gideon Levy.
4. Bonnie Geller, FB, exactly
C   (03.26.17)
the pro-islamist marxists have been openly stirring the pot of jew hatred in
the us.
michael oren, former ambassador, was unable to give a speech at
university in California because of riots by muslim and anarchist
students. condi rice was not allowed to speak at rutgers. many other
pro-israel and jewish speakers have been banned at us universities.
5. So is Jewish, so what?! Like the French never commit acts
against French institutions/ citizens? Bizarre yes, but warranting "soul-searching"? C'mon people, grow up!
6. Sad but not surprising
Tova   (03.18.18)
Every race has their criminals. Jews should not be surprised when things happen.

If anything the shock is more of disbelief that a Jew would do such a thing.

Crime is in every society. You can be sure the trial will be an emotional time.

This crime is no different than the school shootings happening in gentile schools/neighbourhoods.

Its the parents that will carry a heavy burden. I hope the Jews will be kind to his parents and understand this could have happened in any family.

Forgiveness is the hardest thing. I pray that GOD lay HIS mercy to the parents and help the boy.
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