The highest building in Israel is approved for construction
Isaac Dabush
Published: 25.03.17, 23:46
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1. Anyone hear of 9/11??? Or earthquakes?
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.26.17)
Look at the picture: wider at the top than at the bottom, inherently unstable. The mass dampers needed to keep the building standing will take up ten floors. With nutjobs for neighbors on 3 sides, I'm sure people will be climbing over each other to have offices on the high floors. NOT!

Tell you what: make it 50 stories with a bigger footprint. More stable, easier to evacuate, less attractive target for missiles and suicide airplanes.

Tel Aviv isn't New York, it doesn't need it.
2. Opening like a flower at the top.-very dangerous stupid plan
Alan ,   SA   (03.26.17)
3. More Tel Aviv Tower of Babel while below people homeless
CapitalismRunAmok ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.26.17)
4. Strange looking architectural contraptions are not what we
tasteful architect   (03.26.17)
need. World has Saudis & Co for that! Stop being so bloody provincial, start behaving with taste & dignity. Only because it CAN be built doesn't mean it HAS to....But it's too late now, isn't it?
5. Hevel hevalim ,kol hevel
Alan ,   SA   (03.26.17)
6. Clean up the filthy streets in the area before I decide to
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.26.17)
to stay at the hotel. There is so much filth in Ramat Gan that they need 100 floors to make it invisible. If the city cleans up the streets, 33 floors will suffice.
7. Why not build underground skyscrapers as well?
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (04.14.17)
And underground shopping centers, and underground offices?

If you can build 100 floors above ground, why not build also 100 floors under ground?

Or, why not build a skyscraper with both 100 floors above ground and 100 floors under ground? That would save a lot of space.
8. Horrible architecture! The gov‘t oks that?
Rich ,   Toronto   (03.04.18)
Israel need‘s smaller nicely designed buildings with affordable accommodations.
9. Tall Buildings
Larry Rockind ,   Miami Beach Florida   (06.26.18)
In Miami, which has seen major tall buildings and going taller, most of the space is residential. We don't have earthquakes, but we do get Hurricanes.
both places need to be engineered to high standards and thought out completely.
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