Hamas upgrading naval commando unit
Yoav Zitun
Published: 27.03.17, 20:58
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1. Questions nobody asks
tiki ,   belgium   (03.27.17)
How does the EU & other Palestinian lovers answer the question of how they can afford all this as Gaza is supposed to be the biggest open jail and everybody is dying from hunger and lack of water those bad Israeli's are denying them.
2. Are you actually being serious?
Jay ,   Israel   (03.28.17)
These lot are commandos? Don't make me laugh! Put them up against shayetet, we'll then see who the real commandos are. What a pathetic hateful bunch of excuses for human beings.
3. Hamas is delusional
C   (03.28.17)
all they care about is causing as much damage as possible to the
jewish state.
hamas and their jihadi allies know that they cannot defeat israel.
they know that their continued attempts to do so will cost the
lives of many children in gaza.
all they care about is the public relations war and the murder of
israeli civilians.
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