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New exhibition shows letter advising Jewish state in Israel
Alexandra Lukash & Natalie Katz
Published: 30.03.17, 23:39
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1. Money
Jeberechiah   (03.31.17)
Thomas Corbet said that they have a lot of money and would be happy to aid him, since they have been spread across the world and humiliated for 1800 years with no rights to speak of, and that nothing else can really help fix that problem aside from returning to their homeland and establishing a nation there."

How the Jews became rich when they were humiliated and have no rights to speak of?
You can not became very rich without deceiving and slave-drive the working class.
2. Israel will win the battle
Tova   (06.05.18)
Without money or any other riches. It is not money that wins the battle or the number of weapons you can purchase.

Is is GOD that will win the WAR for Israel. And HE will sit upon the Throne of Jerusalem.

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