Netanyahu introduces agreement with Trump to limit settlement building
Itamar Eichner
Published: 31.03.17, 09:28
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1. So, true to tradition "only Right can give away our Land"?
2. Jewish culture
Tartan   (03.31.17)
They added that they want a life of Torah and culture, friendly parties and good deeds. A life of giving and prosperity and bloom. A full Israeli life of a people building its land."
When they say Torah they actually mean Talmud.
And who actually will build your houses?The foreign workers of course?
Do you have ever seen how foreign workes need to reside in your plantanations and farms in the Negev Region for example?

3. #1 Tartan
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (03.31.17)
The Israeli's don't need your comments especially when you structure your sentences like a new comer to English.
"Do you have ever seen how foreign worke need to reside in your plantations and farms in the Negev for example?"
OY! Get educated.
4. #3 I guess you mean #2
Tiglat PileserTartan   (03.31.17)
If you lov building jewish Israel why you don't made Alijah?Or you allready live in Israel.
Are you of Anglo-Saxon or other European descent or are you of semitic descent?
What is Oy? A Yiddish Phrase?
5. The right wingers are being set up!
Jewess ,   Israel   (03.31.17)
The little gift of a settlement is appeasement the settlers are expected to grease the bat that will be used. They are being set up by trump and netanyahu too funny
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