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State within a state: Hezbollah policemen in the streets
Roi Kais
Published: 02.04.17, 23:47
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1. just the Hez boys swiping others hash for themselves
Cameron   (04.03.17)
Bad crew
2. Lebanon stopped being a sovereign state a long time ago
C   (04.03.17)
the day lebanon allowed private and foreign militias to carry arms,
lebanon lost its sovereignty.
in particular, the taif agreement legally allowed hezbollah to retain
its arms under the false claim that this iranian proxy constituted
the "resistance" against israel.
3. Don't worry
Rami ,   Helsinki   (04.03.17)
They will soon be sent for a one way tour to Yemen and Syria. Trump is probsbly preasure by saudis and christian griups to keep aid going to Lebanon.
4. Thats just SCRATCHING the surface
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.03.17)
Put simply Hezbollah are a law to themselves in Lebanon

Where their abiding loyalties have never been to Lebanon but to Iran...and even that loyalty to Iran is being tested by Hezbollahs increasingly malignant actions in Lebanon toward establishing Nasrallahs an independent 'Islamic Republic of Lebanon' as 'reward' for Hezbollah 'support in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrein and Yemen

As for Lebanon it is now simply a glorified military dump, where democracy is a sham, where Hezbollah call the shots and where beautiful Lebanon has been ravaged of its soul and identity

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