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'The most worthwhile job in the PA is to murder a Jew'
Smadar Shir
Published: 03.04.17, 23:35
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1. brilliant, courageous girl
C   (04.04.17)
her understanding of her situation is remarkable.

she will grow up to be successful and beautiful.
2. Steve Klein, FB, correct
C   (04.04.17)
the europeans are complicit.
3. What does that tell us about "Palestinians"?
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.04.17)
Among "Palestinians", the most worthwhile job is to murder a Jew. What does that tell us about "Palestinians"? The obvious truth is that we are dealing with one of the most murderous "societies" in human history. Yet Israel's government pursues "peace talks" with these monsters! What utter total demented lunacy.
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