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New Banksy exhibition to open in Herzliya
Orin Winberg
Published: 03.04.17, 20:28
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1. he was videotaped in the daily mail
epo   (04.03.17)
few days ago, there was a video in the dailymail, a women took in israel or so.
she thinks it was banksy.
and the guy indeed looked as if he was the artist of the room...
2. How predictable are these "artists": it's always "critique"
of the consumer culture, ...blah blah blah....
3. His identity is well known read the English Press
spoiledrichAntiSemit ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.04.17)
It figures the rich jaded Self Hating Assimilated Jews of Herzalia would
welcome him with open arms no news here and he is well known
in UK as coming from a wealthy elite English upper class family
and old story . He is a great hero of the BDS crowd and the a cultural
cult hero by the naive college crowd the funny part is that his Bethlehem
'exhibit was praised by the Gay Elton John who if he came to Bethlehem
would be attacked by the 80% of Moslem Bethlehmites who are
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