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Suspected gas attack on Syria's rebel-held Idlib kills at least 58
Published: 04.04.17, 11:11
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1. Assad is doing good work
Rami ,   Helsinki   (04.04.17)
Idlib and Mosul are both almost entirely sunni. Iran will be stuck in Iraq and Syria for decades. IAF will do its part by bombing Hezbollah convoys.
Roberto ,   Israel   (04.04.17)
All parts involved in Syrian war are Master liars.
3. Not Human Shields this time but Human Sacrifices?
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (04.05.17)
Knowing how both sides operate and as we have seen truck bombs going off at the location where human shields are being kept and as Israel has seen - secondary explosions caused by munitions stored in civilian infra-structure like kindergartens, hospitals, mosques and places of refuge, it is not entirely possible to blame Assad or anyone else for this gas attack beyond reasonable doubt without unfettered forensic access to the site.
Given the nature of the players involved I would not jump to conclusions as to who is wholly guilty of this atrocity.
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