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Like father, like daughter: Marine Le Pen is an anti-Semite too
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 13.04.17, 23:38
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1. MLP is not an AntiJew.Stop looking 4 AntiJews under the bed
Alan ,   SA   (04.14.17)
she is probably the only true ally Jews in France have today. At least she doesn't organize "conferences" to handle Israel.You are throwng the baby out with the bathwater.Carry on MLP!.
2. savior
Cameron   (04.14.17)
Any real indicators she has it in for the Jews?

3. The Israeli right is living in a fantasy world
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ USA   (04.14.17)
Amazing how when someone is anti Muslim the Israeli right embraces them as a friend of Israel. They are doing the same with Le Pen as they did with Trump, despite the fact that a large number of Trump's supporters are white supremacists and anti semites and despite the fact that on Holocaust Rememberance Day Trump's aides failed to mention Jews and admitted that they consciously planned not to, and then Trump's press secretary apparently believes that Jews vacationed at "Holocaust Centers."

As long as you are perceived as anti Muslim and pro settler the Israeli Right is enthralled with you but they are deeply, deeply wrong and living in a fantasy world where the true enemies of Israel and the Jewish people are right in front of them but they fail to see or hear the truth.
4. Since she won't wear a headscarf, she is not only
Rivkah   (04.14.17)
Anti-Muslim but anti-Semitic and Anti-Catholic, too, since all three religions in the most conservative sects require head coverings for women in certain situations. When my parents took five children to St. Peter's in Rome in the 1950's, with only one headscarf, only one female could enter St. Peter's at a time WITH A HEAD COVERING.
5. There're no "Muslim haters" you twit! Boy, this Yemini knows
how to get on peoples nerves.
6. Marine LePen is antisemitic trash. NO DOUBT ABOUT !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.14.17)
7. A complete over-simplification.
mike ,   rishon le zion   (04.19.17)
Putting people into such categories serves no purpose at all. The assertion that if someone is anti-muslim then they are anti-Jewish too is a gross misunderstanding of the situation.
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