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The physics of building the pyramids
Anna Grivnin, Weizmann Institute
Published: 13.04.17, 23:45
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1. The genius of Palestinian mind did it! :-)) THERE's your
answer to the mystery. Don't believe it? Wait for UNESCO/UN to issue an official statement.
2. a mix of IQ and physics with the use of waters
epo   (04.14.17)
im sure its a mistake to assume, that the nile was used only as a flowing river. they utilized water.

they were not tombs, but landmarks, calendars and signal towers for natural events and predicting them.

at this place, survival was about water. too much, too little, depending on season. they were a highly agricultural society. they could be one, as they managed to live and control nature (water).
3. water generates massive power
epo   (04.14.17)
with this they may have operated tools and transportation.
4. Do they KNOW anything or wil they continue the lie
Cheryl Ashley ,   Baltimore MD   (04.14.17)
The slaves didn't build the pyramids either. Science has lied to us since day one and refuse to admit any alternative explanation for the construction of the pyramids. Evolution would be blown to Hades and then they would have to admit that creationism is a fact and their silly illogical explanation for moving 800 ton block are 5,000,000 slaves and 20 years and some logs were responsible for the building
5. no slaves. few workers at the site. everyone highly skilled
epo   (04.14.17)
the builders were highly skilled ppl, with high ranks in society.
they may have had their own citys close to the construction site, ith very nice housing, nothing for poor ppl or so.
latest findings of tombs and things point to that.

pyramids were not built as tombs.
and very likely not even used as such.

it may be gear to use nature and physics at its finest.
also for storing harvest, conservation, fermentation...
sad affair, that nobody can figure it out...

6. no jews anywhere near construction
epo   (04.14.17)
you would have taken your skills with you and applied first thing in your holy land.
nothing like that ever happened.
no any such buildings that may resemble the style, material or whatever elsewhere in the middle east.

it was an inside job.

and obviously, neighbouring countries didnt need such super sophisticated buildings...
they had no nile...
7. more bs from academia
atenyahoo   (04.15.17)
The technical level of masonry, cutting polishing of granite, moving such
weight, and level of precison only reveals that we are at a loss to explain,
our inferior understanding and level of engineering. plus the tunnels, lake
chambers underneath reveal another older mystery.
8. Really?
d   (04.16.17)
I would bet that a 5 tons stone block would crush into dust any wooden log under - and there are no hard wood trees in Egypt - and I am not speaking about the ropes that attach the logs - what are they made of? The problem is that the respected archeology researches are as ignorant in mechanics as a cobbler's apprentice...
9. haitheory
Paul Hai ,   Mount Isa   (03.29.20)
search haitheory
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