Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Barghouti is intentionally lying, and so is New York Times
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 18.04.17, 15:19
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1. As a nation israel end with the Babylonians, as
James   (04.18.17)
a people it end in the second century. The majority of today's "jews" are Euro-Turk origin.
2. Long& proud tradition of Jewish-owned antisemitism. No news!
3. Pampering murderous terrorist foes nothing to be proud of
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.18.17)
Yemini would be a lot more truthful if he wrote, "No other state, in human history, had leaders dumb enough to take pride in pampering their murderous foes".
FO ,   Belgium   (04.18.17)
Dear Stan, no country in the world is ready to be more Catholic than the Pope and defend Israel's rights in International Law when its own PM refuses to do so, because of cowardice or just mere ignorance, what would be even worse. I can't blame you for what you wrote, but allow me to give you an advice: a short time after the Six Day War, the Security Council voted Resolution 242. Remember the famous "withdrawal FROM territories? Do you know, Stan, who the author of Resolution 242 was? I guess not! His name seems to be classified. Well, I tell you: it was Prof Eugene Rostow, Dean of the School of Law at Yale. He wrote articles about 242, and the main one has as title "The Future of Palestine". A 15 pages long article, a lesson in International Law concerning Israel, available on Internet. A must for every Israeli, including your PM and his government, and all jurists worldwide involved in the so-called Israeli-Arab-"Palestinian" conflict.
5. Some cannot lie
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.19.17)
some cannot tell the truth and some don't know the difference.
Witness the financially bankrupted NYT.
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