Could Barghouti become Israel’s peace partner?
Ronni Shaked
Published: 19.04.17, 15:34
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1. BEFORE Mandela was released both parties had the outline of
the agreement between ANC and the White Party.There were loooooong negociations with ANC..... In Mr Bargoutie case he sez "Release me and ALL prisoners and if you do this and that we will talk" Like the snake in the "Jungle Book" he sez "Trusssssst in me"

Anyone who believes this murderer, will also believe in Tooth Fairy.
Also the release of the Shalit swapniks infused new blood into terro organisations.... I read that over half of those released went back to terror. Anyway where are the good results of Oslo or any of those meetingsThe same will happen if Mr Bargoutie will be released.
ANYWAY which Pals accept his leadership.

So he is absolutely definitely not the man to go to for peace.
2. In the past Israel did not negotiate with terrorists
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (04.19.17)
As long as the PA is honoring terrorists as martyrs, heroes and pays them or their families a salary, no peace with the PA is possible. It would be an indirect approval of this policy.

If Barghouti has Jewish blood on his hands or is responsible for the murdering of Jews, then he is not a future political partner. He will always remain a person who will solve political problems with terror.
3. "Realpolitik" is the worst form of communication between
4. A Serial murderer to lead a murderous people..Sounds right..
deavman ,   TA   (04.20.17)
5. No Peace with any Arab! Repatriate them all to their Arabia!
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.20.17)
6. You have to be SERIOUSLY sick in your mind to even think
in this direction...Unfortunately we ARE living in an asylum.
7. Barghouti is a DEAD man walking...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.20.17)
8. Barguoti is not Mandella
zionist forever   (04.20.17)
The left for some reason are constantly defining Bargouti as the Palestinian Nelson Mandella which he is not. Barguouti is in prison for murder ( Mandela was not ) since the left started comparing him with Mandella Bargouti was involved in drafting the Prisoners Document in which he defined ARMED RESISTANCE ( terror ) as a right.
Bargouti is no peacemaker and we need to get the west to delegitimise him and start supporting MODERATES because Bargouti is even more hardline than Abbas so it will be even harder to do a deal with him.
9. Israel has no justice system
Heshy Friedman ,   Brooklyn ny   (04.20.17)
Israel has no justice system. They release hundreds of murderers of Jews yet lock up jewish settlers who defend themselves against Arab terrorists. Sick society. I am so glad I live in Anerica and have no relatives in Israel. Why don't they release Yigal Amir the guy who killed Rabin. After all he is smart and can be a tough negotiator for peace. And while we are at it free yishai Shlissel the attacker of the gays and make him education minister. After all the killers who ripped out the heart of the two israeli soldiers who entered Pali territory were out in ten years. Sick society. Now I see why chareidi Jews worldwide are anti Zionist. A country with no jewish values.
10. Did any one of Ronnie's friends or family killed by Barghout
Joel ,   Hod Hasharon.   (04.22.17)
I don`t think that Ronnie Shaked would write such a stupid article if one of his dearest friends or family members would have been killed by the terrorist named Barghouti or by any other Arab terrorist.
He probably does not care for the lives of other Jewish or non Jewish victims of Arab terror.
This school of thought went on among some of the Israeli left wingers after the signing of the Oslo Accords when Israelis were being blown to bits inside buses.
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