Bereaved parents scold MKs in Knesset Protective Edge talks
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 19.04.17, 14:02
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1. the loss of a child leaves one hollow forever....
Colibri ,   Israel   (04.19.17)
I am fortunate, I do not know what these parents know. I am only the bereaved widow of my dead husband.

But for years, I watched my late husband's parent's suffering. Their only son was taken from them in a terrorist deep as my own suffering is, it is nothing compared to what my late parents-in-law went through and lived with.

As a result I do know, without a doubt, I know, that these parents have the right to express themselves as they wish without judgment from any of us.

I agree with them:
The State of Israel, her Prime Minister, her ministers, her government, and all the members of her Knesset do not have any right to say a single word to these parents.
And yes, absolutely MK Mr.Zohar, should have been awed into silence before the pain of these parents....for only a very small, insouciant, insolent man would dare to raise his voice to before the suffering of a bereaved parent.

2. I don't get it .......
steve s   (04.19.17)
Israel was in a military conflict. Some Israeli military people lost their lives at that time. Two years (+) later an Israeli bureaucrat wrote a report claiming there was too little briefings by top officials of the enemy threats. During a Knesset meeting to discuss those topics, the parents of the fallen soldiers rudely interrupt the meeting and insult the officials and accuse them of being at fault. Of course the parents are troubled by the loss of their children but they should not be allowed to vent their anger in this way. In every military action there is good and bad, right and wrong, justice and injustice, success and failures. The reality is, little goes as planned and lives are lost. It is part of the price for any military action, not something top officials can be blamed for.
3. # 1 Colibri excellent response.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.19.17)
4. Partners for peace waiting. Stop torture of bereaved parents
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.19.17)
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