US defense secretary: 'Iran continues to threaten Israel'
Yoav Zitun and Reuters
Published: 21.04.17, 11:38
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1. Iran's Shia terror regime will remain a grave threat
C   (04.21.17)
the shia terror regime needs to be eliminated.
as long as that vile genocidal regime remains in power, it will
continue to pose a grave threat to the peace of the region.
it will continue its acts of terror, and it will continue to wage
proxy wars throughout the region.
the regime poses an exceptional threat to the state of Israel.
iran has threatened multiple times to annihilate the jewish state.

iran's nuclear weapons program remains virtually intact. even
if iran does not cheat in the implementation of the iran deal,
it will be allowed to build nuclear weapons in a few years.
this rogue, genocidal regime, must not be allowed to
acquire or possess nuclear weapons.
should iran acquire nuclear weapons, such could lead to
a nuclear war.
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