Opinion  Ronen Bergman
And Netanyahu remains silent
Ronen Bergman
Published: 23.04.17, 09:25
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1. Why shud BB out- Democrat the Democrats. He is right to stay
Alan ,   SA   (04.23.17)
shtum about Spicer.Why must Bibi rock the Trump goodwill boat?
2. bergman,...get a life
david ,   hadera   (04.23.17)
Spicer made a mistake, admitted it aND apologized profusely for it...GET OVER IT
3. # 2 David Bingo!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.23.17)
Bet Spicer wont make that mistake again.... LET MY PEOPLE GROW!!
4. Burden of proof - even for journalists
Mick the Nick ,   Nowy Jork   (06.16.19)
Ronen Bergman can be heard on YouTube claiming that 'the Polish neighbors' of his mother 'snitched to the Gestapo' so his mother's family perished.

I wonder how this Ronen Bergman 'knows' exactly what happened 30 years before he was even born, or 77 years from now. I wonder how his mother, a five year old at the time, ever got *reliable knowledge* about who 'snitched' whom to the Gestapo. Ronen may have learned that Poles were *enemies* of the Gestapo, not friends.

My gut feeling is that the truth-loving journalist Ronen Bergman is making things up, in order to fit his suggested narrative that Poles were complicit in the Holocaust. I wonder whether Ronen Bergman would be able to deliver serious evidence of the claim he makes.

I guess not. Some people just like to shift the blame for the Holocaust on the Poles. Their have imbibed anti-polonism with their mother's milk.

And they are fearful of being exposed. That is why they like to censor messages such as this one.
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