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Roger Waters and BDS target Radiohead over Israel concert
Ami Friedman
Published: 25.04.17, 11:27
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1. What was that Radiohead hit? Oh yeah: "Creep"
2. Friends of Roger Waters in Israel
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (04.25.17)
His devoted friends in Israel are the stalinist left and supporters of the anti-Semitic BDS:

The "new Israel fund", NIF, ( Notorious:Infame:Fiendish)
The quisling NGU "Breaking the Silence"
The traitors "Btselem"

United by pathologic self-hatred.
3. A Stalker's End Game
Paul Ballotta ,   Tucson   (04.26.17)
I knew that Roger Waters didn't like Jews after I was getting jobs out of the Labor Hall on 14th Street with mostly Jewish clients. Then I heard that the World Trade Center was bombed a couple days after I worked there at the Vista International Hotel kosherizing the kitchen for a couple of Rabbis. Then I heard the news that the terrorists declared that it was in retaliation for the U. S. support for Israel. At the time Waters was taking in the proceeds from his ,"Amused to Death" album in which he he takes aim at the dominant power after the Cold War; the U. S. of A. So again we see this perturbed individual's brains being dissected as he has recently released a song entitled "Smell the Roses" in we he takes aim at, well, a woman. He apparently doesn't like the song by The Doors, "Light My Fire," in a kind of ceremonial burnt offering. Hence, his affront to Holocaust Memorial Day.
4. Roger who?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.30.17)
Hope he does come to Israel and also hope no one shows up unless they have a huge bag of rotten eggs and tomatoes.
Elevate yourselves, this old rocker is off his rocker.
Boycott this old turd and his painful ear piercings. Grow up and grow into better music.
5. # 3 Waters's brain is fried
BBB   (04.30.17)
happens with too loud too childish sounds emanating from a too ignorant half wit.
Deaf isn't good enough blind, deaf, and really dumb are more accurate for this old money grubbing hypocrite.
Attend one of his 'concerts' and be sure and bring a pet skunk to take bows with this old anti semitic fart.
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