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ICRC official: Israel is not an apartheid state, but there is occupation
Sever Plocker
Published: 26.04.17, 09:24
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1. Israel is not an apartheid
niss ,   london   (04.26.17)
apartheid,IDF order to shoot suspects to kill,disaproportionate force,massacre
etc. are words used by media against Israel the blame are mostly by what the journalists write, they are fed with FAKE news and they do not check if its true or they make it sound that its Israel fault by telling part of the story even when they are at the place Roger Waters should be invited to Israel to see if what he says about Israel is true and see how Arabs and Israelis live if he will come
Israel should learn from the Palestinians how to use the media feeding FAKE news to the world and correct it if it can be done and keep on trying
2. There is no apartheid in Israel
john ,   Toronto   (04.26.17)
Apartheid describes the South African experience.
In Israel, the correct term is HaFrada - Hafrada (Hebrew: הפרדה‎‎ lit. separation) is a term used to refer to the policy of the Government of Israel to separate the Palestinian population from the Israeli population.
3. Only the Arab pals occupy Israel
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.27.17)
Time they were sent packing bak to whatever Muslim hovel they came from.
4. So the Israeli Left is even more anti-Israel than the Red
Gal   (04.27.17)
Cross?! because they smear Israel everywhere they can with this accusation.
5. mr
munther fahmi ,   jerusalem   (04.28.17)
I guess this moron had never visited Hebron where the Shuhada street is clearly divided into two where Israeli arm enforce and monitor this division, one for the poor Palestinians who owns all the shops in the street and the other for the "Chosen" people! Just last June, the Knesset approved the extension of an order to prevent family reunification in Israel. Of Palestinian families, of course. Jews are welcome to continue and reunify as much as they please.
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