Report: Israel attacked Iranian arms depot near Damascus airport
Roi Kais
Published: 27.04.17, 08:13
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1. Air Strike
Robert Creech ,   Portsmouth   (04.27.17)
Rather embarrassing for Russian SA 300 and SA 400 brokers.
2. Israel, excellent
C   (04.27.17)
keep pounding them for as long as necessary to make them surrounder.
3. trash journalism
steve s   (04.27.17)
YNet is now resorting to using Hezbollah as a news "source". Why would anyone believe reports from a terrorist organization. At least YNet admitted their source, rather than the typical unnamed "senior officer".
4. Ha ha ha
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.27.17)
like any one shivs a git about Iran we ALL pray Iran will go out and is completely destroyed whether or not it be by Israel.
Iran's paying for her sins, one attack at a time and there's nothing Iran can do to prevent more. Ha ha ha. Go Israel !! Bless her G-d has.
5. # 2 C 'Surrender' interesting word...
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.27.17)
Islam means 'surrender' or 'submit.'
Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of lunatics.
Their turn to bow down and stay down and not be able to stand ever again.
Keep pounding indeed !!
6. # 1 Robert Embarrassing and expensive !!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.27.17)
Maybe billionaire Putin can try again?
After all, it's only money stolen money
7. Wheels within wheels
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (04.27.17)
There is a joke that goes round than Iranian weapons for Hezbollah go in one door -then out the other as part of Hezbollahs huge international trade in arms that lines the pockets of Hezbollah, their Guard conspirators but especially Nasrallah

That's why Hezbollah have this seemingly insatiable apetite for weapons to keep their arms smuggling revenues going

Most observers believe that Nasrallah has accumulated a fortune anywhere between $10 - $25 BILLION dollars more than enough to keep him fed in exile in Sudan when things in Lebanon get too hot to handle

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