UNESCO trying to impose a fake history
Ron Prosor
Published: 29.04.17, 19:05
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FO ,   Belgium   (04.30.17)
I read: We must expose FACTS! The state must NOT BE CAUGHT WITH ITS PANTS DOXN! We must RETAKE INITIATIVE! PRESSURE AND ATTACK!... Indeed very virile slogans!!! But frankly, or if you prefer "tachless", Mr. Prosor, what are you doing, you and your government to make these slogans become effective? De facto, nothing! As said the British journalist Melanie Phillips in an interview to the Israeli TV, your Hasbara is a Joke. Let’s be honest, Dear Mr. Prosor, you know as well as I do, at least I hope, that all attacks against Israel, based on, so it is said, International Law are just FAKE allegations. It is not because a certain Victor Meron, juridical adviser put, after the Six Day War, the Israeli government in panic about the Fourth Geneva Convention that this panic should prevail till today. What Meron said is simply…FAKE. The Fourth Geneva Convention is NOT applicable to the State of Israel. The Convention could be signed ONLY between “High Contracting Parties” (independent states) what East Jerusalem or the so-called West-Bank were not. They were a residual part of the League of Nations’ Palestine Mandate that gave the Jews the IRREVOCABLE RIGHT to settle on the territory between the Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights, to create their independent state, a right that became International Law and is reaffirmed by Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. Must this fundamental TRUTH be hidden from the international community? Do you think that empty slogans will do a better job?
2. Israels inalienable right to Jerusalem
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (04.30.17)
No amount of resolutions can change Israels
inalienable right to all of Jerusalem including the
holy sites.
Israel has a duty to protect the holy sites from
the marauders currently sweeping the region in
a quest for blood and domination
No resolution passed by UNESCO has any legal
weight whatsoever as the organization was formed
to protect heritage sites - something that it has failed
miserably considering what has happened
all over the ME excluding Israel. Passing a political
resolution is way outside its mandate
FO ,   Belgium   (04.30.17)
Thanks to you, poor guy, and your alike, I learn every day that stupidity and ignorance have the sky as limit! Ungar 181? Make me laugh! Ungar 181partition resolution was just a proposal as Ungar resolution are never binding. By the way, Michael the genius, did you ever realize that resolution 181 didn't mention the partition between a Jewish and a Palestinian state? And you know why? Simply because a Palestinian nation didn't exist then, and doesn't exist today either, having been invented in the early sixties by the (ever heard?) KGB. Now just the following if your intellect is able to absorb: Israel's international legitimacy has nothing to do with UNGA, but with the League of Nations' Mandate for Palestine, a Jewish independent state on the territory between the Sea and the Jordan river, including the Golan Heights. A Mandate that became International Law, valid to this very day as reaffirmed by Article 80 of the UN Charter. I stop here because I understand it becomes too much for you. So instead of writing pure nonsense, try perhaps fairy tales for children.
4. UNESCO mean nothing diplomacy can be dangerous
zionist forever   (05.01.17)
UNESCO are a pathetic organisation and no matter how much they try to change history and its the one that physically controls the territory that lays down the law not UNESCO.
Worrying to much about diplomacy is what causes problems, in 1967 Moshe Dayan gave Temple Mount to the Waqf out of fear of what others would say if we kept it and many of todays problems stem from that.
In 1973 Golda refused to take advice of her generals and pre empt because she wanted the world to see Israel as the victim and the result is we nearly lost the war and many more soldiers than needed died. Peres was planning to make Begins plan to bomb Saddam Hussain nuclear reactor public to make the attack impossible because he was worried about what the French would say as they were building it.
There are times for diplomacy but we should not be to worried about it.
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