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Bereaved families of fallen soldiers tell their story
Ynet reporters
Published: 30.04.17, 23:23
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1. these stories are very moving. Thank you Ynet for sharing.
Rafi ,   US   (05.01.17)
And may G-d bless the families of those who made the ultimate contribution to preserve an independent homeland not only for the people of Israel but for Diaspora Jews thruout the world.
2. condolences to the bereaved
jess   (05.01.17)
blessings and condolences to irit and family, yaron family, kashon familly, wovk family, goren family , cohen and mamon family. your suffering for your beloved heros is never ending. keep marching ahead in life even wiht all your pain. know many others share similar struggles.

i call on the idf to use asymmetric strategy and not send the boys directly into terror fire. use brutal softerning up methods and keep the press limited as they are killing our boys with political correctness.

go around obstacles. and order occupants out but don't enter as most enemy spots are ied trapped. blow the houses up with rockets.
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