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Another side of bereavement, the girlfriends
Noam Barkan
Published: 01.05.17, 15:09
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1. The heart muscle tissue is shredded from great emotional tra
Rivkah   (05.01.17)
trauma just as if a heart attack occurred. So the building blocks of the heart should be taken to heal the heart. The JAMA recipe is 200mg Ubiquinol Co-Q-10 daily, 500mg Taurine daily, 1000mg L-Carnitine daily, 5,000mcg sublingual B-12 daily, 2,000mg full spectrum bioflavonoid Vitamin C, 0.8mg Folate.
2. Proxy marriages should be allowed if an unborn child is invo
volved or if there are children born to the fallen IDF troop.
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